The Normalcy of Paranormal Experience

Connecting with the Deceased, In Therapy?

The concept of mediumship contains far-reaching implications and possibilities with respect to its applicability in the therapeutic process. While most self-described mediums operate outside the context of professional therapy, the benefits they provide to clients in aiding the grief process and providing evidential validation of people‚Äôs continuing involvement with deceased loved ones is worth further […]

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Objectifying Ourselves

When asked at the occasional dinner party, bar night, or social gathering of mostly new acquaintances what we would choose if we could bring three (or maybe five) items with us to a deserted island, what do most of us choose? We ordinarily have our necessary follow-up, clarifying questions: -Do I get to have electricity […]

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Extraordinary Piece of ASS: Acquired Savant Syndrome

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      It has been wondered, begged, and mused silently and aloud to the point of platitude:   Why do bad things happen to good people?   A book of the title “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” was written by Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, who explored his fractured spiritual foundation upon the […]

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Why Don’t Psychics Win the Lottery?

Why don’t self-proclaimed psychics win the lottery? Warn us of upcoming global catastrophes? Know when their family members and friends are going to die? In being willing to delve into the world of psi (although a believer as I will assure you we are ALWAYS inhabiting this world, regardless of our “belief” in it), we […]

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Psychic Value

Psychic is a misnomer, a word tossed around, overused and under-comprehended. The word is meant to refer to the ability to perceive information outside the range of our five “understood” senses. Some call it the “sixth” sense, which is now steeped in cultural biases and infinite reinterpretations as a result of both religious tradition and […]

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