The Normalcy of Paranormal Experience

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Adam Neal,

Adam Neal,


First off, you should know that I don’t “believe in” the paranormal. There is no such thing as the “paranormal” — psychic energy, spiritual energy, healing energy — these are not “paranormal” things, these are just normal things. Perhaps they are more difficult to sense tangibly, but they are normal nonetheless.

I chose the word “Paranormalyte” to combine the words Paranormal (literally ‘alongside the normal’) and Acolyte (a person who assists someone participating in a spiritual ritual or celebration). Paranormalytes assist others in understanding the nature of “paranormal” experience as just another version of normal, everyday experience. For us, the paranormal is very normal, and we’re proud of it.

I don’t “believe in” the “paranormal” for two important reasons:


1. Those who experience for themselves don’t need to “believe.” Belief is an external idea, whereby we put our faith in something we can not sense. I have faith, but I don’t need to “believe” in psi — I have experienced it myself. And, believe it or not, so have you.


2. There is nothing “paranormal” about the paranormal. What we consider the “paranormal” because of what the media, our peers, and society has told us — is not paranormal at all. It is actually just normal.



Paranormal literally means ‘side-by-side with the normal.’ The ‘para’ prefix works the same way as in the word “Paralegal,” a person who works side-by-side with a lawyer.

But normal is normal, and the so-called “Paranormal” implies that rational, normal parts of life aren’t normal, which they are. Confused yet? Keep reading!

I’ve had an ongoing series of personal experiences that include, but aren’t limited to:

*Physical manifestations of the deceased
*Energy exchanges with friends and family
*Wisdom about strangers obtained through divination tools (e.g. Tarot card readings)
*Precognitive visions and dreams
*First-hand encounters with the souls of “lost” relatives

According to your local scientist or medical expert, I am one giant ball of deluded idiocy. Yep, and I’m damn happy about it.

Along with my experiences, however, I have NEVER experienced:

*An NDE (Near-Death Experience)
*An OBE (Out-of-body Experience),
*A DSW (Desire for Satan Worship – okay, I made that one up, but it’s true. No devil work here.)

But I am convinced of their validity (well, the first two) and the necessity of their continued study.

I am a firm advocate of the importance of personal experience as the only form of validation for the “non-believer.” I do not refer to myself as a “believer.” I refer to myself as an “experiencer.”

The only way to gain insight into advanced forms of intelligence is to be a willing subject of transformational experience. These experiences can be accessed by anybody, and should be, if one is to begin to comprehend our universe.


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  1. sheri says:

    Love the information, passion, and thought you put into each word…

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