The Normalcy of Paranormal Experience


Meditation is the most definitive key to unlocking the potential of our minds. It is while our brains are quiet that our minds are able to connect to the greater, subtler energy of the universe.

Here you will find original guided meditations to aid in your personal and spiritual journey. Meditation does not require a special location, time of day, ritual, or accoutrement. It requires only attention and focus.

Always trust your instincts to guide your choices. Over time, your experiences will deepen, your stress level will improve, and you will gain further insight into yourself and the surrounding world.

Meditation – City Dwellers

Meditation – Landscape Meditation

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  1. Meri Greenburg says:

    In the West, meditation is sometimes thought of in two broad categories: concentrative meditation and mindfulness meditation. These two categories are often discussed with concentrative meditation being used interchangeably with focused attention and mindfulness meditation being used interchangeably with open monitoring.

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