The Normalcy of Paranormal Experience

Psi Kicks: Humor

Laughter is another mysterious example of the “paranormal” nature of humanity.

Science can break down “laughter” into stimuli and accompanying biochemical and neural reactions, but there is still no reason why we laugh or knowledge of where laughter comes from. There are undeniable benefits to laughing frequently, so here we go!


I Love Lucy

“Did you hear they fired that psychic weatherman?”
“All his forecasts were non-local.”


How can you tell an origami artist from a wise sage?
-One can fold art and the other’s an old fart.

Paper Crane

How can you spot an Irish medium?
-He’s always overcome with spirits.


How can you tell a quantum physicist from a high-class hooker?
-One’s a haughty bore and the other’s a bawdy whore.

Elizabeth Berkley, Showgirls

Did you hear about the mystic poo?
-It kept discussing its out-of-body experience.


Did you hear about the psychic civil rights activist?
-She could always turn a black aura white.

Civil Rights Movement

“Did Mrs. Smith haunt your room last night? She’s always the ghostess with the mostest!”

Spirit Woman

Why do psychics make better husbands?
-All their affairs are extrasensory.

Did you hear about the psychic who went to the optometrist?
-She was diagnosed as Clear-sighted.

What do you call a visit to a retirement home?
-A Near-Death Experience

The psychic ______ tells you…

*Urologist – …when you’re gonna go
*Sex Worker – …when you’re gonna come
*Cardiologist – …when your heart is full
*Podiatrist – …the path of your sole
*Botanist – …where to find your roots
*Hairdresser – …when you’re gonna dye
*Plastic Surgeon – …when to leave your past behind
*Proctologist – …the behind you have to look forward to
*Banker – …how your actions will pay off
*Dry Cleaner – …how to find those wrinkles in time
*Make-Up Artist – …how to apply your foundation

Did you hear about the occultist porn star?
-He was light as a feather and stiff as a board.

Why should women who want a baby always consult an astrologer?
-They always know when it’s your time of the month.

Why should those who fear the paranormal always stay at cheap motels?
-There’s always an explanation for the banging on the walls.

Cheap Motel

Did you hear about the guy who saw a spirit while making love to his wife?
-He was scared stiff.

How do you turn an elderly man clairaudient?
-Switch off his hearing aids.

Why does life suck for psychic children?
-No matter what, they have to stay grounded.

They see dead people. A lot.

They see dead people. A lot.

Did you hear about the kid who went to his first meditation class?
He found his happy place and got sent to juvenile detention.

Did you hear about the psychic who beat cancer?
He has one crystal ball.

Why are psychics great restaurant patrons?
They’re known for their table tipping.

Why don’t paranormal skeptics go skydiving?
They don’t think parachutes are real either.

Favorite music of a…

Medium – Trance
Paranormal Investigator – Electronic
Psychic – Ambient
Ghost – Rap
Mystic – Rock

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