The Normalcy of Paranormal Experience

Oprah Winfrey vs Toothless Lady

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If thoughts are built of energy, and our world is governed by people in power, are some thoughts, like people, more powerful or ‘energy-ful’ than others?

When a brain surgeon guides a scalpel to the brain of a living person in the operating room, does the energy of her thoughts differ from a visual artist, using a scalpel to put aesthetic incisions on a canvas?

If we could quantify thoughts into power, 1 being the most minor thought and 100 being the most powerful thought, would a “scholar” rank higher on average than a “layman,” or a “clergyman” rank higher than a “shaman?”

These questions are loaded, and this loading is the product of both my intention and perception. Implicit in these questions are myriad stereotypes and relative terms, purposely bringing to the forefront the underlying concept here: EQUALITY

If thoughts truly are composites of energy, we must first accept above all else that no one unit of energy subjugates another. Yes, even if you know to the fullest extent that your thoughts are ‘stronger’ or ‘better’ or “more correct” than someone else’s.

“But Adam,” you ask. “Oprah must have more powerful thoughts than that toothless woman on the subway who just called me a ‘dumbass.'”

Perhaps you’re right. Let’s break it down this way:

Without any thought necessary, we recognize that positive energy FEELS good, however we perceive good, and negative or non-positive energy FEELS bad or not-good. This simplistic vocabulary is, as hard as it may be to believe, all we need to sustain ourselves in the universe.

Anything that contaminates this intrinsic experience to all living beings threatens to dismantle our power. If you could somehow ask an infant of any nationality, race, or religious birthright what he or she would create if given the power to control the earth and the knowledge of global unrest, what do you think the innocent baby would say?

Well, after saying, “Uh, change me please,” it would no doubt say, “Love me.”

Any baby would say ‘Love me.’ And there are plenty of doctors, researchers, and clinicians whose work attests to that implicit request. What do human beings want, at our core? We want to be happy, of course. Unfortunately, the reason we inhabit this earth as spiritual humans and not the other way around is because we are required to earn our knowledge through experience as fallible creatures.

What makes us fallible, you ask? Death, silly. Why do we die? Well, as your local library will tell you, “Knowledge is power,” yet humans can only experience earthly power in terms of death. Without the knowledge that we are going to “die,” we can not exercise ourselves to our fullest potential. In essence, we could not take words like ‘seriously’ seriously.

In chemistry, the kinetic energy expelled by particles in a substance allows us to determine how HOT or COLD it is. But as even the most rudimentary chemistry student (i.e. yours truly) can tell you, there is no such thing as COLD — there is only the absence of heat. Even in the theoretical “Absolute Zero,” an object still, Wikipedia tells us, “possesses quantum mechanical zero-point energy, the energy of its ground state.” In basic terms, there is always the presence of heat, because energy is intrinsic to any substance on our planet, and arguably, in our universe.

Chemistry and Quantum Mechanics aside, for the purpose of this writing, the same can be said about human beings and power.

Every human being enters the world empowered, and every human being has the potential to influence its surroundings in a positive or negative way. Sooooo, to sum up this round of discussion, I leave you with this thought:

Oprah’s interview with a victim of tragedy can leave you with tears of sympathy; however, that mean toothless lady’s remark that you’re “an ugly dumbass” can leave you with tears of insecurity.


Oprah’s excitement over her interview with Tom Cruise can leave you excited; that toothless lady’s decision to sing “Poker Face” in the middle of the subway can leave you excited.

Two people’s influences on you, yet the energy can feel much the same. This is the power and equality of human energy exchange.

But obviously, while that sad, sad lady on the subway has very little to her name, Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential people in the world. This is not necessarily because Oprah’s thoughts carry more energy than the mean toothless lady, but mainly because Oprah has far more pointed, meaningful thoughts.