The Normalcy of Paranormal Experience

Paranormalyte Poetry

In-Light-End (by Adam Neal)

Which of my eyes opened first this morn?
Mourning to awaken
I was somewhere bright all night.
Euphoria forsaken.

A stinging ray, the linear day,
Like styrofoam I threw away in sorrow.
Progress, consequence of time, a masquerade we know to call tomorrow.

I am a product of a bygone time,
Lost in obsolescence.
Will you keep me ignorant,
In dazzling florescence?

WEGO (by Adam Neal, inspired by his play of the same title)

Oh, where do we go?
When we go away?

Do we go to the fields?
To the mountains to play?

Do our bodies just wither?
And weather away?

Do you know, when we go,
Where we go to stay?

Do our souls fly above us,
Or into a fray?

My ego, when I go,
It leads me astray.

If she goes where he goes,
They both lose their way.

Will you pardon me though,
If I dare to say,

If you go where we go,
You’ll be gone today.

Chasm (by Adam Neal)

Oh, what plight to feel the light!
Warm as touch, still as night.

A ripple of water, from underneath
A sword of truth, within its sheath.

To be within, without a dream
‘Tween the planes, off the beam.

A subtle wing, upon a cheek
A wave untitled, not to speak.

Weak Imbalance grieves such talents!
Plain as dalliance, dressed as valiance.