The Normalcy of Paranormal Experience

Psychic Sex

Psychic work is the practice of deconstructing perception. The psychic arts have been referred to as a way to express the arts of subtlety, the infinitesimal blips of sense activation that conjure within our minds at the behest of intention. I, as psychic, intend to perceive that which is imperceptible to my external senses, and through practice I am able. Therein lies the conundrum: Practice to do something that happens without our impetus, but with our continual intention.

Psychic work cannot be limited to the acts of foretelling, fortune telling, mindreading, or manifesting alternatives to reality. When people ask me if I’m psychic, I have learned to tell them the truth: Yes, I’m psychic. But, I continue, not because you aren’t psychic as well. “But I don’t see things about the future, and I don’t see ghosts or weird things like that.” And I try desperately not to sound pedantic when I reply, “Psychic doesn’t necessarily mean that.” But, back to the sex.

Practicing psychics do not “make something happen” during a reading. Forcing information to come to you is much like trying to force an orgasm. As experience tells men – the harder we try, the softer we get – and tells women, the more you try, the further it floats in the distance, like a fantasy without fruition.

In psychic work, the idea is to surrender to multiple orgasms, metaphorically. Instead of a surge of sexual excitement in our body, a spasming of our muscles, a euphoric hit of interacting neurotransmitters, and a spiritual jolt from somewhere unknowable, the orgasms of psychic work come softly, subtly, like ambiguous touches on a first date. And instead of a hit of euphoria, the goal is a hit of validation, a nod from the sitter that “Yes, that’s right.” Psychics are like sexual experts – ‘sexperts’, if you will. Psychics are experts in allowing something to come. In spiritual terms, this is called surrender. To complete the sexual cycle, we must surrender to our body. To complete the psychic cycle, we must surrender to our mind, body, and soul. In this context, we better understand why great sex feels spiritual, and why so many of us invoke names of God in its midst. One writer suggests that for a new spiritual perspective, try praying or speaking to your version of the divine while masturbating. In this way, we simultaneously heal our feelings of shame and embrace our bodies as divine objects.

Disbelievers (or what I prefer to think of as “non-experiencers”) of legitimate psychic practice tend to confuse the coming with the going, so-to-speak. Instead of recognizing psychic work as an act of practiced surrender, those who rail against the possibility of psychic experience speak of “cold reading” and manipulation as its only justifiable means. “Cold reading” is the practice of retrieving information externally from someone and then using that information to suggest other information disguised as insightful and untenable. Asking if someone knows a person who is “tall” or “with a J name” may be an act of cold reading (vaguely “fishing for information”) or legitimate psychic work (the sitter’s unusually tall brother James passed away recently) – the difference is the degree of meaning the information imparts to the person being read. But “Cold Reading” will be a topic for another article. Suffice it to say that being psychic, however, requires that one remain disengaged from the self and the other, in order to sense the all-abiding energy surrounding us all. There is no external reading in a psychic reading – no judgment calls about one’s appearance or continuous questions that are not merely looking to clarify or elaborate on information already given. And if those elements are present, it is no longer a psychic reading.

People are always defining themselves in terms of sexual interest, especially in a culture still overcompensating for a history plagued by shame. To be “good” at sex means you’re either desirable or undesirable, depending on who your partner may be. To be a good artist to one is to be a talentless charlatan to another. To be a good psychic, however, has a more universal point of reference: Information. If you can provide meaningful, evidential information, you’re a good psychic, and there can be no denying this to the myriad people who have benefited as recipients of psychic work. The manner in which you deliver the information separates the “better” psychics from the sufficient ones, much like the manner one manifests meaning on the canvas separates brilliant painters from functional ones.

What is “good” sex, after all? In general, people will think about “good” sex as involving a partner, and the experience either eliciting intense physical pleasure, emotional pleasure, spiritual pleasure, or all of the above. That said, some might argue that “good” sex can happen alone, and some have a more difficult time having “good” sex with a partner than when alone. Regardless of how you perceive good sex, the meaning is varied and may take multiple forms. The same goes for good psychic experience.

We’re all psychic, just as we’re all artists, and just as we’re all lovers. If you say to many adults, “You’re an artist,” chances are you’ll be met with either modest agreement, eyerolls, or clear disagreement. If you say to many adults, “You’re a sexual person,” chances are you’ll be met with either modest agreement, eyerolls, or clear disagreement.

When we’re children, open to experience, unaware of what it means to be “good” at something in comparison to others, we’re told to believe we’re all artists. This is why nursery schools, kindergartens, and creative programs cater to any and all children of pre-school age or beginning school. Anyone can take artifacts and do something with them based on nothing other than instinct, aesthetics, or a set of indescribable feelings. The practice of art is the manifestation of the body and soul in a tangible context. Art transcends the concept of mimesis, the idea that artistic endeavor is meant to mirror reality or reflect the “real world.” Art in its truest sense, like psychic practice, is about manifesting that which cannot be externalized. One cannot define a feeling in concrete terms, because language is only one facet of our faculties for translating experience into something tangible. Children are lovers of those who express love for them, and they are unencumbered by sexual considerations that cloud their ability to feel pure joy about the experience of love. Children are psychic, because every aspect of their perception is being considered as valid. Children are gifted at not censoring themselves, which may seem problematic in a social context, but in a spiritual context it is ideal.

What if I told you that one of the best ways to activate your psychic skills is to activate yourself sexually?

For the purposes of psychic practice, sexual activation should begin in the mind, not through physical touch or outward sensation. Funnily enough, sexual experience remains the one area of surrender to which all people, “believers” and “non-believers,” cleave to in daily life. Whether you are single, partnered, spiritual, or non-spiritual, you can experience some form of sexual pleasure. Even those who are physically restricted have access to sexual surrender, through activation of sexual impulses and experiences in their mind.

Allow yourself to take 5 to 10 deep breaths in and out, while sitting or laying down in a comfortable environment. You do not have to be alone to do this exercise, but you may choose to be at first.

Envision a romantic partner, whether this is a significant other, spouse, celebrity, or imaginary person. Next, take yourself on a date with the person, activating one sense at a time.


First, have a purely visual experience – see the experience as a movie in your mind. Watch their face, look at the food you’re eating, see the clothing they’re wearing, take note of the view.


Next, have a purely auditory experience – imagine yourself closing your eyes and taking in any sounds on the date. Is there a radio playing in the restaurant? Are you at your home or theirs, with crickets chirping outside in the trees?


Next, have an experience of smell, taking in the scents of the room, your date, any food, etc. And then an experience of taste, if you happen to be eating or drinking anything on your date.


Then, have a purely physical experience – with your inner eyes still closed, let your mind’s fingers sweep over your date’s body, noting their face, their chest, abdomen, and then lower if you wish.


When you go to kiss your date, allow their lips to activate all of your senses at once. Let yourself see them, hear them, smell them, taste them, and touch them. This will bring together the experience. Only by isolating senses can we practice and strengthen them in the context of psychic perception.

Believe it or not, your own sexual fantasies can be your first exercises in building up psychic awareness. Not everyone is able to meditate easily, but nearly everyone has the capacity for romantic thoughts and sexual urges. Use this as a springboard to greater self-awareness and a lesson in mindfulness, and be astounded by the results.