The Normalcy of Paranormal Experience


Have you ever wanted an educational experience of what it takes to train as a psychic?


Since it is incredibly difficult to find a website dedicated purely to sharing knowledge, you have come to the right place. This will save you a lot of time searching the Internet through all of the scam artists, spacey folks, and generally untrustworthy people out there.


Before beginning these exercises, do a quick 5 minute warmup:




Paranormalyte Exercise – MEDITATION WARMUP (5 minutes):


1. Close your eyes.


2. Take 5-10 deep breaths, spending at least five counts on the inhale and five counts on the exhale.


3. Try to keep your mind clear, letting any ‘thoughts’ pass as they arise.


4. Ask your higher power(s), whether you call them G-d, the universe, particular saints, or guides for a loving experience, feeling protected from any negative energy that may emerge.


5. Imagine encircling your body in a warm, bright light – preferably white or yellow light.


6. Stay in this light and enjoy it for a short while, then open your eyes when you are ready to begin.


Paranormalyte Exercise – Clairvoyance




Paranormalyte ABC’s (5-10 minutes):


Read through, try it, then write down your results — they may surprise you!


1. Close your eyes.
2. Imagine the first letter of the alphabet – ‘A’
3. What color is it?
4. Any images come to you, related or unrelated?
5. Go through the alphabet, remaining mindful of changes in color and associated imagery.
6. Open your eyes.


Paranormalyte Exercise – Clairvoyance


Seeing Song


Seeing Song (5-10 minutes):


This exercise will help to develop your visualization skills and increase your receptivity to clairvoyance.


1. Choose any song with more than 1 verse and easily understood lyrics, meaning the singer is not shouting or garbled.


2. Close your eyes as you listen (not to be done if you are driving!)


3. Focus on the lyrics as they are sung, and allow an IMAGE to come to you for each of the lyrics or lyrical phrases.


4. For abstract words (i.e. “there,” “over,” “special”), focus on the overall phrase. For a phrase like “You are special to me,” you may get an image of a product on sale or a menu open to the specials. Whatever image comes, honor it.


5. You may find that words that sound like other words (homonyms) will bring up the alternate image. For example, if the lyric is “The wait is over,” you may get an image of a watch, signifying time, OR you may get an image of a dumbbell — a ‘weight.’ Both are just fine. The point is to focus clearly on the images.


6. Go through the song twice this way. After the second time, record which images felt the clearest to you — those images you could describe in the greatest detail if called upon to do so. This exercise can also help develop your awareness of your own symbolic imagery, useful in receiving clairvoyant information.


Paranormalyte Exercise – Clairvoyance, Claircognizance:


Spring Cleaning


SPRING CLEANING (5-10 minutes):


This visualization exercise is meant to develop both your clairvoyance (‘clear seeing’) and your claircognizance (‘clear knowing’), while also training you to clear energy psychically.


1. Imagine a space you frequent, but have not been in today.


Exs. Your friend’s bedroom, your work space, your backyard.


2. Once you are standing in a familiar part of the space, allow yourself to be guided in any direction.


3. Move by instinct, walking over in your mind.


4. Receive an impression of any object or stain that may be cluttering or dirtying the space.


5. Once you sense the object or stain, imagine physically clearing it, freeing up the space and cleansing it.


6. Repeat with as many objects/stains as you feel necessary to have the space fully cleared.


7. Write your quick list of things you cleaned.


8. The next time you are in the space, see if any of your impressions were accurate, and recall the feeling of receiving that particular impression.


Paranormalyte Exercise – Clairaudience


Your Own Clairaudience


Be Your Own Clairaudience (5-10 minutes):


Clairaudience, or ‘clear hearing,’ is the ability to receive psychic information in the form of sounds or voices. This hearing is generally inaudible to others, as it is most often an internal form of hearing. However, there are certainly occasions when the energy is strong enough to be heard externally as well.


1. Think of a song you know well, both melody and lyrics.


2. If you have headphones or earphones, put them on.


3. In your mind, play the song from beginning to end, focusing as much as possible on each aspect of the song.


4. Listen to each instrument, the sound of the singer imparting the lyrics, and the layers of sounds involved. Is it an acoustic guitar song? Listen for the reverberation off the strings. Is it a techno song? Listen to the layers of the track composition as distinctly as possible.


By practicing this, you are expanding the potential of your hearing to include greater subtlety and awareness.


Paranormalyte Exercise – Clairvoyance


Imaginary Numbers


IMAGINARY NUMBERS (5-30 minutes):


This exercise in Mathematical Psi does not refer to the square root of -1 or the variable “i,” but rather the practice of allowing the universe to have a hand in mathematical computation. The same way that Savants can intuit huge sums such as the value of Pi to thousands of decimal places, we can allow ourselves to be vessels for all kinds of logical information.


1. First, come up with an equation as impossible for yourself as you like, (ex. 1997 x 386). Something you wouldn’t even attempt to solve mentally.


2. Close your eyes (or focus your mind with them open, whichever feels more comfortable), and go through the numbers 1 through 0 in your mind’s eye. Unless you have advanced to solutions with decimal points, start with 1 and go past 9 to zero, rather than starting with zero. Give your spirit guides an instruction, such as, “Turn a number GREEN for ‘YES’ and RED for ‘NO.’ Write the ‘YES’ numbers as you receive them until you feel compelled to stop.


Do not focus on how many numbers you receive, but the quality of how you have received them. Otherwise, you will be concerned with judgements like, “Well I know logically that multiplying those numbers should give me at least a five or six-digit number.” Even if all you get is ‘2’ ‘7,’ it’s perfectly okay!


Which is better: Getting the first 2 digits of the solution accurately having surrendered ‘logic,’ or getting no accurate digits because you are busy “Trying to make it make sense.”


Once you are done, pay attention to ANY number you received accurately. For example, if the answer to an equation is 17,642, and you received 27,541, you have gotten more accurate information than you may realize. You have gotten ‘7’ and ‘4’ accurately in the correct places and you have gotten ‘2’ accurately in the inaccurate position. Also, you have been 100% accurate in the number of digits in the solution and in the relational value of the numbers. 2 < 7 in your number as 1 < 7 in the actual solution, 7 > 5 as 7 > 6, and so on. These are important variables in determining accuracy. With psychic information, it is rarely a case of ‘RIGHT’ or ‘WRONG,’ and ‘BLACK’ or ‘WHITE.’


Also, try a second method out if you like, using a different framework. Create a mental blackboard and put the numbers ‘0’ through ‘9’ on it. Have your guides point an arrow (or another symbol of your choosing) to each number as you receive a solution. Test out both methods and compare your accuracy. And, most importantly, have FUN with it!


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    Just what I was looking for! I’ll share it with my daughter also. We both seem to be experiencing a thinning of the veil lately – – hope this helps us.

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